“Everything about Allison Grey’s mix is right… [ For Love Of Trance Volume .01 ] is the techier and more prominently kick-driven side of the genre, though it rarely strays away from its string-laden silver lining… Our pick was one of Allison’s most recent outings, where the LA based DJ goes head on with some of the most scenic trance tracks around. Awesome! We really got into this in no-time”



Launching her career as Resident DJ (2005-2008) and Producer (2006-2008) of the New York and Internationally known Friday night, dance mix radio show “The Underground House Party” (UHP) Allison Grey now resides in Los Angeles, focused on expanding her LA presence, worldwide fan base online, and independent creative work.

Allison is currently a featured guest on shows world wide most recently on Trance World Tunes Venezuela, Xtensive Radio in Saudi Arabia, and throughout the US on East coast based Selected. Streamed on an international stage, Allison’s work has never been stronger gaining fast growing support from the world wide TranceFamily community.

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Full Length Bio:

Electronic Dance Music has always been important to Allison.

“I was always drawn to the dance scene, even before I got out into the club scene in NY. The dance community seemed so welcoming.  When I grew up EDM was nowhere near mainstream, so if you liked dance music, it didn’t matter who you were, you belonged, and even now, it has always been about coming together to experience the music and the moment together.”

“I remember the first dance track I ever listened to.  I was always in love with music, but there was something completely different about EDM.  It fills you, you put your headphones on, or you go to a club, and you get absorbed in its motion.  It grabs you and takes you on a journey, all you have to do is show up and listen.”

“For me, the only time I have ever felt ok growing up was when I listened to a dance track.  The only time I really feel at peace, like I know who I am and what I want out of life, is when I mix.  Electronic Dance music and DJing has always been a staple in my life – something I could go to anytime my head was going crazy.  I could fill my head with it, let it take over my emotions, and shut all the crazy out. And on a number of occasions, having that has saved my life – without it I would be lost and loveless.”

Making her debut in the Electronic Dance Music scene early spring of 2005, Allison Grey (then going by a different name) was invited to be a resident DJ on the NY and Internationally known Friday night dance mix radio show The Underground House Party (UHP).

“UHP was an amazing experience.  It taught me how to play well with other DJ’s, it taught me endurance and gave me a really good excuse to expand my library of tracks as much as I wanted to.  Most important, it gave me the freedom to experiment.  This was right about the time when beatport had just taken off, so I could download tracks from all over, every genre, anything I wanted and just play around until I found my voice.”

Becoming known for spinning bold, rhythmic trance, Allison quickly became a requested voice on the Underground House Party.  In 2006, Allison’s impact on the show grew as she was asked to step up as Producer from 2006-2008.

“When I took over as producer things just got better.  I was able to really shape the show and build it bigger than it was when I joined.  It also gave me an excuse to walk up to any DJ in a club and start a conversation, to get DJ’s that I loved in the studio and get to interview them one on one.  I learned a lot about the EDM culture and the club scene, and about where and how I would fit in to it.”